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Between These Sheets

On average we spend a third of our lives in bed and that’s only taking into consideration the average 8hrs of sleep we should be getting every night. I wanted to explore the emotions and moments we experience in our sheets from the safety we can feel to our most vulnerable state using long exposure and the same three bed sheets.

In our sheets, all we have is some fabric and our thoughts and if we’re lucky, another body. The world dissipates and our emotions take over, letting our imagination become our puppet master. In our sheets, we feel completely alone yet somehow safe. In our sheets, life begins and life ends. Our sheets are the venue of horror and wonder, the hotspot for creation and destruction. It’s a place of love, lust, unity and our deepest secrets. 

I created these photos to depict all of this so that the viewers feel as though their life is on display, as vulnerable as they are in bed.  

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